I just wanna see you strip right now cause it’s late, babe

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Junu is going to grow up to be really wise 


Junu is going to grow up to be really wise 

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Look what I got!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 카이의 포토카드❤️

Look what I got!!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 카이의 포토카드❤️

[Screnario] Kris, come back. 

  • Kris: Hello?
  • Suho: Hyung, where are you?
  • Kris: China. Why?
  • Suho: What happened? Whats with the lawsuit thing?
  • Kris: It's nothing. I just want them to see what they did to us and to me. Sehun injured his hand. Kai and Lay hurt their back. Kai even collasped om stage. Chanyeol hurt his arm. And my health is getting worse. And still, we have a busy schedule ahead. I cant let them do this to you. I cant let them control us like puppets.
  • Suho: But still, hyung. Think about us and your fans--
  • Kris: Did you guys unfollow me on Insta?
  • Suho: What? Chanyeol, did you?
  • Chanyeol: Our phone have been taken by the staffs. We dont know.
  • Suho: They didnt do it.
  • Kris: Only Baekhyun is following me...
  • Baekhyun: Cause I lied to them, hyung. I dont want to do this.
  • Kris: Thank you Baekhyun...
  • D.O: Hyung, I made kimchi pasta, come back. I will leave some for you.
  • Kris: I will be back, D.O, leave some for me.
  • Tao: Hyung, come back here, I'm scared of bathing alone...
  • Kris: You can bath with other members till I come back. But now, I cant. Sorry Tao.
  • Luhan: Yah! Come back here, man, Sehun is crying!
  • Kris: He is??... Tell him everything is fine, dont worry. I will be back and we will walk together till the end again.
  • Sehun: /sobs
  • Kris: Sehun ah, stop crying. Hyung is fine.
  • Kai: Hyung, you dont have to do this, I'm fine...
  • Kris: No you are not, Kai. Stop lying. Your back hasnt gotten any better. It's just getting worse. Dont lie.
  • Kai: ...
  • Lay: Hyung. When will you get back?
  • Kris: Soon, Lay. Soon.
  • Chen: Hyung, have you eaten? did you sleep well?
  • Kris: I did, Chen. Dont worry.
  • Xiumin: Hey Kris, wanna go and have coffee together?
  • Kris: Yeah. Maybe.
  • Xiumin: Come back quickly. I will make you Americano.
  • Kris: Thanks Xiumin.
  • Baekhyun: Hyung, Chanyeol is crying...
  • Chanyeol: /sobs/ .. Hyung ..
  • Kris: Ahh~ Dont cry. I'm fine. Everything will be fine. Dont cry.
  • Luhan: The whole Exo-K cried on stage, Kris.
  • Kris: ...
  • Luhan: They were shocked. They didnt want to see you leave.
  • Kris: ... but I dont and I wont leave...
  • Lay: ... Tao, did you just update on Weibo?..
  • Tao: What? No I didnt.
  • Lay: Go look.. Wait, I though you use Iphone..
  • Tao: I AM using Iphone.
  • Lay: But you posted it by Android.
  • Kris: SM...
  • Tao: This is too much..
  • Baekhyun: Hey Chanyeol, since when did you know Chinese?
  • Chanyeol: No I didnt...
  • Baekhyun: Your Instagram...
  • Chanyeol: What?...
  • Kris: SM...
  • Suho: Hyung, everything is a chaos right now. SM is planning something... Come back Kris.. Exo will be a Zero without you...
  • Kris: I wont let that happen, Suho. Mind you look after them for awhhile while I'm gone.. I believe in you, Suho. I'm sorry. You can hate me later, but now, I need you guys to believe in me, have faith in me.
  • Baekhyun: Of course Hyung. We are one.
  • Kris: We are one!
  • Exo: We are one!
  • Kris: Saranghaja.
  • Exo: Saranghaja.
  • Kris: I have to go now. I will call you guys later.
  • Suho: We will wait. Good luck, Hyung. Hurry back.
  • Exo: Hyung. Come back hurry.
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the only person who understands kris the most (;¬_¬)

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"Hey Fanfan just remember whatever your decision is I’ll always support that"

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soohyun couldn’t concentrate on her scene anymore as she’s to embarrassed to get closer and look at oppa’s eyes

soohyun you are me

I wish I was her. That’s heaven right there. *O*

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Lay had a blast on Running Man 

I find Lay amusing. In a good way. HAHAHAHAHA


Lay had a blast on Running Man 

I find Lay amusing. In a good way. HAHAHAHAHA

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Hyun Bin for W Korea magazine

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